Bedtime Sweets

Get under the covers and turn out the lights, it‘s time for a bedtime tale to give you goosebumps. The BEDTIME SWEETS podcast is a sci-fi / horror anthology of short audio dramas featuring near future dystopias; humanity struggling for survival on far-off worlds; augmented reality run amok; and other themes that probe the darkest recesses of the mind.

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Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Sometime in the future, an unusually long winter brings with it a deadly new pathogen.  The only cure is a new medicine known as Elixir, but there are those who fear it.  While humanity moves south to escape the cold and the sickness, one family heads further north into the impure snows.

Monday Nov 22, 2021

A very special Thanksgiving message from Episode 4's one and only Chumley the Rabbit!  Happy Holidays from the Bedtime Sweets Team!

Monday Nov 08, 2021

Meet Chumley, an unusual rabbit with a laboratory enhanced mind who longs for a forever home.  He's cute, he's cuddly.  But as his foster family is about to find out, he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

Welcome aboard the Constellation Princess, where the last survivors of an ill-fated interstellar cruise are attempting to abandon ship.  The journey through its bowels is dangerous as this luxury liner is immense, and there's a hostile shape-shifting alien aboard, waiting to strike from the shadows.  But there's something even more troubling: the voice of a mysterious passenger calling out over the ship's radio, warning the survivors to stay clear of the path to the lifeboats. 

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

A little gaming to make you sleepy?  Here's a story about a little boy who's addicted to gaming.  He loves his video games so much, even more than his Mommy.  Because Mommy is bad.  She wants him to do school work.  But a very nice doctor is here to fix everything up.

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

Are you having trouble sleeping because you're thinking about tomorrow's shopping?  Here's a bedtime story about your shopping trip to the future. 

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